Earth Movers

Do you have a construction or landscaping project that requires altering the earth around your site? An earth mover may be the right fit for your project. Excavators are large, durable machines used for heavy duty loading, clearing, trenching and digging. Industrial Rental offers several varieties and sizes of excavators, dozers, rollers, skid steers, as well as attachments for various applications.

Backhoe Loaders

75 HP
18,000 lbs


66" Drum Pad Foot
84" Drum Smooth or Pad Foot
47" Double Drum Smooth


80-HP up to 125HP
18,000 lbs up to 38,000 lbs

Medium-Large Excavators

30,000 lbs - 50,000 lbs
Triple Grouser Steel Tracks

Mini Excavators

8,500 lbs - 18,000 lbs
On Rubber Tracks

Skid Steer Loaders

75Hp - 99HP
8,500 lbs - 13,000 lbs
Rubber track machines with
vertical lift.